End of HolidayCheck?

If you like using websites HolidayCheck.com, you may were surprised that the website www.holidaycheck.com is not available. If you try it, you can see this:

As I didn’t understand why the website doesn’t exist anymore, I decided to ask for the explanation in e-mails. The answer was received immediately.

To sum it up, www.HolidayCheck.com has been cancelled since 1 March 2016. Since this date you can use only German website www.HolidayCheck.de, Swiss website www.HolidayCheck.ch, Austrian website www.HolidayCheck.at and Polish website www.HolidayCheck.pl .

You can also submit new reviews written only in German or Polish.

On website www.HolidayCheck.com you can see that your account is still available in English and German on www.HolidayCheck.de or in Polish on www.HolidayCheck.pl.

What a pity to cancel an English version! The whole world speaks English nowadays.