Before starting exploring internet and catalogues offers travel agencies, ask yourself a few questions.

When can I go?

The term is one of the first criteria that must be entered when choosing your holiday. Internet browsers want you to fill in the specific dates when you can leave. Generally speaking, the holiday season - July and August – is the most expensive. No need to explain that. If it is possible, many people prefer to leave before the season and travel in May and June. You can also make summer longer and go to the sun in the autumn. However, if you choose the shoulder season (before July or after August), I suggest finding out what weather at the destination you should expect. The next thing to consider is the fact if you go to that destination for swimming in the sea or you just want to take advantage of pleasant temperatures for trips and exploring the country.

How much money can I pay?

Almost every browser wants you to specify the price, how much you want to invest in your vacation. Once you enter this amount, the offers will be selected.

By car, bus or plane?

Quite a big selection comes when you choose transport to your destination. No need to speak about advantages and disadvantages of traveling by car, bus or plane. It is up to you :-) Just when going by car, consider whether your car is in such a good condition you can safely go both journeys :-)

When going by bus, think about one main thing – if you or your fellow-traveller are able to sit on the bus for about 20 hours. Remember also that when it is 10-day-holiday, you stay at the place for 7-8 days, because you spend at least two full days on the way there and back. Air travel has become very popular and affordable in recent years; in two or three hours of flying, you can enjoy the beauty of the sea. However, don´t forget to add some hours to the flight time for the journeys to/from the airport and some hours at the airport before departure (usually 2-3 hours in advance, according to the travel agency instructions).

What type of holiday do I really want to have?

Drinking, eating, sunbathing and relaxing by the pool? If this is your dream, then choose All-inclusive. Regardless the tips for maid and other staff you need almost no cash :-) Be careful - each hotel describes what their All-inclusive means, including time it can be used. Read the description of your chosen hotel! Some hotels often offer 24-hour-All-inclusive.

However, if you want to go out after breakfast to explore the surroundings, don´t check the time when meals are served and taste typical dishes at local restaurants? Then All-inclusive will not be the best choice for you, rather choose half board or even just breakfast. (There is still a choice to have just accommodation).

The last piece of advice – drinks are often not included in half board! They must be paid separately according to the price list in the menu. Again, I recommend reading the hotel description.